In All Your Ways, Acknowledge Him, and He will Set Your Path Straight.

Where are you running to in these trying times? There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

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“Without Me, You Can Do Nothing,” Jesus said those words, and I believe them.

It’s one thing to read the words…

Its the new normal

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The values, morals, beliefs, and perspectives of present generations are different than former generations.

The concept of marriage — relationships have changed. Unfortunately, today's younger generation — which are the products of the former generation — is more so into themselves (selfish) than being empathetic towards…

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When your heart is constantly being broken, you need to take a step back and evaluate your actions.

A broken heart occurs for a reason. You need to understand what the reason is. Learning the reason starts with looking at yourself, not blaming anyone else.

For a heart to be…

I once was blind. Now I know better.

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Every person I’ve held a conversation with regarding the subject of “love” thought that love is something you “feel.” I admit, there was a time when I fell into that category.

No one could have convinced me that those “emotions” I possessed…

Let's talk!

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We have our moments, howbeit we’ve always worked things out.

A big part of having unity in relationships can relate and communicate with one another — effectively!

Yes, we have our moments that momentarily distance us, howbeit, after we get a handle on our emotions, assess the situation, and evaluate what we need to do next, eventually, we come back together, talk, and work things out.

No hurdle’s come our way that we haven’t conquered, no obstacle that our love hasn’t defeated. So, let’s not allow this molehill to turn into a mountain; our love is stronger than that. We can still work things out.

Let’s talk!

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Sometimes relationships work. Oftentimes — they don’t. The reasons are complex.

Relationships require constant work. The work is a constant effort to keep the connection a positive one.

We all have our ups and downs; if that was not the case — what would we work towards?

The effort to…

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I miss you!

The inner me yearns for you.

You’ve made your mark on my heart.

I place value on the things we do when we’re together,

when we share one another’s creativity and uniqueness.

I find myself reminiscing on your character and qualities.

There’s no match for the intimate…

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Ever heard the term — the quickening?

Even if you haven’t, it doesn’t take a genius to reason that a quickening has something to do with things happening fast or at an accelerated pace.

Imagine being in a state of consciousness where your mind isn’t thinking. …

Be careful what you send out.

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Every thought you think reacts. Every thought you think creates — cause and effect. Inwardly and outwardly.

“Thy will be done, thy kingdom — come” is a powerful connotation! It literally is the creator of — reality!

Are you aware that your mind is…

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Do you accept people based on agreeing with what they — say? When what they say confirms your belief or perspective? When having them in your space feels comfortable, doesn’t ruffle any feathers or catapult you out of your comfort zone?

What shall we call that type of acceptance?

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