How These Two Heads are Hoodwinking You

Talking heads do what talking heads do best — talk.

They laugh, make jokes, and debate back and forth regarding whose opinion matters most. Sometimes ending in name-calling or a brawl. After all that opinionated thrashing, they get up and walk away. Nothing important was accomplished.

Empty Agendas

Talking heads don’t come to the table with a goal-oriented agenda or discuss and arrive at viable solutions. The purpose of a talking head is to spew out meaningless opinions. Talking heads enjoy hearing themselves talk.

In actuality, talking heads don’t think. They’re paid — not to think. They’re paid to — front.

After listening to a talking head, you’re left scratching your head, wondering — what was the purpose? What’s the solution?

Consider these two valid definitions:

Talking head definition: as an idiom, refers to individuals pontificating a certain creed, ideology, or kindred set of beliefs without critically analyzing the context and substance of their statement.

Pontificating: means the act of speaking out to hear oneself speak. Posturing speaking to people who don’t really care what you say one way or the other since they speak solely to front themselves as someone in charge.

Speech or communication is generally pointless except to cast a favorable light upon the speaker or author as if the message were pronounced from on high.

Big Head Bobbleheads

We’ve all seen and most likely purchased one of those cute precious bobbleheads. We laugh as its big head goes up and down. Never really considering what a bobblehead — represents.

Bobblehead definition:

Bobblehead is a kind of doll that has a huge head supported with a string. You tap it on the head, and the head moves up and down as if the doll is saying -yes. The answer is always the same, no matter what the question is. In that sense, it means a person who always agrees with you no matter what you propose.

Raise your hand if that’s the type of person you want as a friend, a business partner, coworker, etc. You’re trying to arrive at — viable solutions. You run your thoughts and ideas past your bobblehead coworker or friend. In return, they offer nothing insightful. Just a constant bobblehead response of “yes, I agree.” Well, thanks for the input.

Voting for candidates

If a candidate’s purpose is to be seen and heard, they have a great appreciation for bobblehead voters — a crowd that will go along with whatever they say. Since the one coming out on top is the candidate. They don’t want “opposing views,” and what anyone else thinks is irrelevant. As long as your vote ultimately lands them out front — that’s all that matters.

Bobbleheads can be likened to talking heads. They’re similar in character. Bobbleheads nod yes while talking heads act as puppets — fronts—same difference.

Nevertheless, they don’t arrive at the table seeking resolution or solutions to issues or problems. Talking heads come thrashing out opinions, which basically hit the air sending out a boomerang effect that reverberates empty. All their bobblehead friends — cheer and applaud!


The “cheerers and applauders” are a group of people that want to be “led”; thus, they need a leader. That group is called: “bobblehead voters — followers.” They don’t think for themselves. They agree with the talking-head they choose to lead them. They are — yes-man bobbleheads.

That type of crowd blindly follows the leader no matter where the leader leads them.

You ask how can that be? Well, it's because they didn’t do what you just did — question. They’re followers; thus, they accept whatever their talking-head leader spews out for them to hear.

Bobbleheads don’t think; therefore, they don’t question. They agree and go along with whatever the talking-head leader promises. Applauding and bobbing their heads. They’re bobblehead yes-man and women the — yes crowd.

No time is spent critically analyzing the content or substance of what their leader is spewing out. It sounds good, and that’s sufficient.

Bobblehead followers — non-thinkers, are blindly lead down a path of destruction. They literally applaud and cheer the path of destruction due to never having thought, analyzed, or examined their leader’s words or intentions. They blindly — followed the leader.

Let’s trek a little further.

Candidate bobbleheads and talking-heads are puppets — fronts. They don’t lead. Their purpose for speaking is to deceptively entertain their audience into thinking they’re on their side. They entertainingly — tickle the ears of their audience. Tell them what they want to hear. Or toss a piece of juicy believable propaganda out for those burning ears.

Candidate talking heads could care less about their bobblehead followers or — thinkers, for that matter.

When a talking-head or bobblehead is voted into a position of power, they’re quite aware of the position they’re going to occupy — that of a talking-head or a yes-man. They seek an audience of voter bobbleheads. An audience that doesn’t think that will cheer and applaud whatever they spew out — an opinion with no factual content.

Voting “non-thought provoking” bobbleheads, select a leader whose words “sound’ good. Voter talking-heads and bobbleheads follow candidates they consider will get the job done. Do what they need them to do, so they don’t have to think or do any work themselves. Bobblehead voters don’t want to strain or exercise their brains. They look for someone else to perform that task.

Meanwhile, the “leader” of the elected talking-heads and bobbleheads that hoodwinked and talked your head off is off fulfilling an entirely different agenda.

They did what they needed to do to succeed at their game, which was to zoom in on “bobblehead voter personalities” and implement the — art of persuasion, which didn’t require much thinking since voter bobbleheads don’t — think.

The talking-head candidates hoodwinked a chosen audience into thinking they were in control. That’s the system we live under today — hoodwinking.

Bobblehead voters go out to cast their vote. Believing they hold some power — “we the people” power.

That’s what a democracy and a republic have always stood for- “we the people.” The people have the power. They vote into office candidates they want to represent their constitutional rights.

Wake up, voter bobbleheads; that system died along time ago. If there ever was such a system.

You’ve been hoodwinked into believing “we the people” is how the system works.

Talking-head candidates and leaders spew out what they know the people want to hear. It gets them elected to positions of power. Once in office, talking- heads could care less about — “we the people.” “We the people” are simply pawns in their chess game. The bobblehead majority of voters are fooled, consequently blindly handing the reigns over and putting their trust and faith in the hands of devils that thrive on having power and control/ruling the world. They plan to achieve it by — any means necessary. Right down to disillusioning, “we, the people.”

Flashlight: In essence — bobblehead voters, you were used to allowing evil to flourish.

You blindly — trusted and believed. You didn’t think, examine, or analyze. You accepted thus — blindly led. Hoodwinked.

Talking heads don’t care what “we the people — think,” conversely voting bobbleheads, don’t care what their talking-head leader thinks — since they don’t think.

Devils reign in the Whitehouse

The real danger lies when candidate bobbleheads and talking-heads are put in places of power as puppets and fronts. The focus of voter bobbleheads is on the candidate’s shenanigans. At the same time, “evil” is having its way in an alternate direction.

Contrary to where voters are looking, the evil leader’s plan is taking place in the opposite direction. The bobblehead voters are — completely, unaware. By the time bobblehead voters wake up and realize they were aimlessly looking in the wrong direction — it’s too late. Evil has already created its plan and has put it into motion — right under the voting bobbleheads' noses.

Now awake, the people attempt to do everything in their power — which they don’t possess since they’re powerless to do anything that will disrupt what’s already in motion — to rectify what, in essence, the voter bobbleheads unwittingly/blindly allowed to take place.

Evil now reigns and doesn’t give a hoot about your constitutional rights. It never did. “We, the people,” have no power or rights. It only appears as if we do. That appearance is overtly stated in the constitution. In reality, that appearance is overtly cloaked — an illusion.

Real Leadership

It’s is the actions of thinkers — the ones who pay attention, carry out the research, analyze and examine the history, facts, and content of what those “talking-head yes-man” devils spew out; when what they say and do, go against human rights; doesn’t serve justice; exemplifies inhumanity. Then the “voice of the thinkers” becomes genuine — leadership.

In fact, one doesn’t need to be educated or do research or any of the above to recognize when they aren’t being treated justly. When an injustice is carried out against a person — they experience it; they “feel” it. Consequent of living under it.

Thinkers hope to put someone in power who cares about them; has their best interest at heart. Someone that will lead and direct with integrity, compassion, and justice. Someone that cares about justice for all — not some.

Under the present system, that hope is an illusion. Devils have their own plan. They don’t care what “thinkers” want.


Bobblehead voter pawns benefit from a system of evil to a great degree. After all, leaders need bobblehead followers — a support system, for evil to flourish — remain in power. Pawns are hoodwinked into advocating a system of evil by blindly condoning it. Because of the benefits, they think they’re the most important pieces on the board.

The best resolution is for awakening souls/ bobbleheads to stand on the side of justice. You’re human beings; you see injustice and know it’s not right. Yet you stand for it. If you don’t come down off your superficial high horse, when the system crumbles — and it will, you will come tumbling down with it.

So all you bobblehead pawns and talking-head voters, you can surrender easy or surrender hard. The bottom line is: you will fall from the superficial grace you claim as a supreme position of standing.

Cease looking for a leader to think for you — a human being like yourself. Look within and allow your conscience to guide you — not devils. Open your eyes and start thinking!

Flashlight: Don’t allow your soul to be bought and sold as a bobblehead on a string.